“I built a website, promoted it on Facebook and am getting a lot of visitors, but no one is buying.”

“10 days in, 1125 visitors and still no sales…”

Do these sound familiar?

It’s the pain when the dollars you spent on ads do not convert into sales.

Building a profitable business isn’t just about getting your store up well and throwing traffic into it. In fact, those are just the very first steps.

If you are finding a way to stand out from the ground, the #1 secret to making more money than other stores is the apps you use. And we are proud to be the developer of 10 high-performing apps that will give an immediate boost to your sales and customer satisfaction. 

It’s been an amazing experience to be your companion, support and grow with you. During the past 4 years, we have been seeing a lot of e-commerce success stories from our customers and one of the most impressive stories is from Ola.Pet. They reached a dream conversion rate of 13% by using Beeketing FREE apps only.

e-commerce success stories

Let’s see what apps they are using and how they are making big money.

1. Build trust with social proof 

Customers’ trust in eCommerce is one of the most important factors to success. They are willing to buy. You just have to convince them to buy from you, rather than the competitors.

And the social proof that other people are buying on your store is more than valuable. It creates a positive influence and motivates them to buy your products. 

Ola.Pet chose Sales Pop to generate this kind of notification, in the form of a pop-up, like this:

e-commerce success stories

The pop-ups show the buyers’ names, locations, the time of purchase and the links to the products. They are generated in a matter of minutes after you install Sales Pop.

The greatest thing is you can create custom notifications to promote specific products or create the feeling of a high-traffic store.

Give it a try to see how awesome the app is.

2. Create urgency and scarcity to drive sales quickly 

The inner psychology of the customers is an important part of digital marketing. As a savvy online store owner, Ola.Pet uses the parallel powers of scarcity and urgency with Stock Countdown and Countdown Timer.

e-commerce success storiesThese tactics fuel consumers’ fear of missing out, making it seem like a product is in short supply, or like the opportunity is only available for a limited time. 

What tool did they use? Countdown Cart app from Beeketing. A free app with multiple features that is extremely effective to convince people to buy your products immediately. 

The low-pressure approach of Sales Pop in combination with a countdown timer and stock countdown work well together to give Ola.Pet the physicality of being staffed.

3. Provide personal Customer Support:

Exceptional customer service plays a big role to help customers overcome the hesitation of buying from a small or medium eCommerce store. Ola.Pet is embracing Facebook customers with Quick Facebook Chat – the free app that allows you to communicate with customers via Facebook messenger.

e-commerce success stories

Ola.Pet used and leveraged this tool effectively in a personal and timely manner.

e-commerce success stories

Your customers can use their own Facebook accounts to chat directly with you on your store, without having to create a support ticket. After that, both you and your customers can follow up the conversation anytime, anywhere with Facebook messenger. This also paves the way for future advertising.

4. Boost sales and collect leads with incentives

The first thing you notice when landing on Ola.Pet might be their shopping deal popup. They use Better Coupon Box to turn visitors into paying customers by offering up a discount in exchange for their email addresses.

e-commerce success storiesThe free app simply combines the power of coupons and leads capturing.

Indeed, Ola.Pet collected a great email list that they can use for email marketing or ad purpose. They can easily send a follow-up email encouraging the customers to use their discount code or laser-target ads to these customers on Facebook.

e-commerce success stories

5. Retain customers with Welcome Emails

First impression matters, it’s true. Ola.Pet do not forget to continue communicating with the customers who bought from their store with email marketing. To make it simple, they chose Happy Email to start with. The app sends a welcome email automatically to the customer in 30 minutes after he/she has just made the first purchase on your store.

e-commerce success stories

Does this matter? Yes, a lot!

The Welcome Email has the highest open rate and clicks rate. It’s an important step to establish the very first connection with you and your customers. A personalized greeting with the customer’s name and a heartfelt thank you is a great way to graciously welcome someone. And Ola.Pet did a great job with Happy Email. Bravo!

6. Optimize the mobile web for better conversions

Mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic years ago but sadly the conversion rates for mobile still lag way behind desktop conversion. Recognizing the matter, Ola.Pet optimized their mobile version with Mobile Web Boost. The app eliminates the disadvantages, satisfies your customers and drives their actions while they are browsing your online stores on mobile.

e-commerce success stories

Free, simple but unexpectedly effective: these are the words to describe Mobile Web Boost.

e-commerce success stories

It greatly simplifies the mobile navigation of the store, creates a modern feeling and shortens the buying process. This is a little tweak that you can implement immediately to boost up mobile conversions.


The investment does not only mean the money used to build your store or the money you throw on ads. It’s also the time and the afford you us to research and implement a tool to make the best of your online store.

Think simple. Sometimes a little tweak, a small app can turn the table.

Ola.Pet is a live evidence that you can build a great marketing stack consisted of only free apps. And yes, they are paid off big time for their hard work. But can you imagine the massive results they can achieve once they invest in the paid apps that can instantly level up their scale?

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