Product description is the introduction about characteristics, quality and performance of a product, which is posted on the sales site to help customers make shopping choice more easily.

Customers have been increasingly demanding and psychologically wary when shopping, thus, they spend a lot more time to find information about the products. That is the reason why you should pay more attention to the product description. This article will guide you the way to write such effective and attractive product description.

1. Draft a specific and unite outline before writing

If you spend time building an outline for your product description before embarking on writing, you will actually save time, as well as conveying the necessary information to customers more clearly and systematically.

Outline your description based on the information that customers are interested in. Here is an example:

  • General description
  • Details about quality, size, performance,…
  • The benefits of using the product
  • Shipping / Promotions

Try to list out all information as detailed as possible. It will increase the purchase rate.

2. Keep in mind the K.I.S.S principles

The product description does not need to be too long but it certainly should provide a full range of information that customers are interested. And one of the principles that you need to pay attention to when writing is KISS – Keep It Short and Simple.
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KISS – indispensable principles when writing product description

Since most of us are not professional writers, therefore it would be very time-consuming and inefficient if we write too much off-track. Moreover, not many customers are patient enough to read such a long article.

Remember to Keep It Short and Simple.

3. Share beautiful photos of products

An article describing product can become very monotonous and less attractive without illustrations. Pictures will help customers have a better idea about the product.

Of course you have already put product photos on website. However, in the article describing products, if you can combine some images with relevant information, customers will be more convinced, then you can boost your sales.
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When inserting images, do not forget to write an interesting caption which reflects the content of that.

Some of the things you should pay attention when inserting images in the product description are:

  • Image quality must be consistent with the common layout
  • Images should be relevant to the article
  • Do not use images from the Internet, always use real images taken of the product

4. Bring your unique personality in products you sell

Be your own self in every word you write, mark your own style in every product.

“Consider what you are and what you aren’t. Then, craft product descriptions”, says Anupam Rajey in his blog on Acelerar

This will not only help you build your brand, but also differentiate your shop from all the others out there.

5. Carefully check before posting

Few people have the habit of checking before posting. They argue that in the process of writing each paragraph, each sentence, they are careful enough not to make any flaw. However, it is certainly hard to get a consistent article with smooth writing style if you skip checking step.

Some benefits of a thorough check before posting an article:

  • Eliminate spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Re-wording to be more attractive
  • Shorten some lengthy sections and remove the redundant information to produce a brief and concise article.

With 5 suggestions above, Beeketing wishes you attract customers more effectively and persuasively.

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